Van Carp Engineering includes a combination of strategic planning elements that have proved to be a highly

Successful formula:


  • Lean, multi-skilled teams with expreience – every member slected for his/her ability totackle each project most

efficiently and effectively


  • A streamlined management strucure to maximise on effiencies and ensure that each project has

manageable overhead costs


  • Involvement by mangement in compiling the project – this develops an early commitment by tema members

to take a personal interest in the success of the project


  • Fit-for-purpose contract management systems appropriate to specific projects are uses and proven in the

successful conduct of other simular projects.




In addition to the above Van Carp engineering have adopted a professional approach to industrial scale projects,

smaller projects and 24/7 maintenance and operations for the supply, fabrication, intsllation and maintenance of

projects.  Van Carp Engineering combine the vast wealth of expertise inherent in a variety of local and international

companies that have multi-skilled personnel with small and large projects-experience to execute work in many fields of domestic and industrial projects.