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VAN CARP ENGINEERING was established in 1996 with a different view on Project Execution and Construction Management to curb the rising costs in these discilines. Van Carp Engineering offers a unique mix of engineering services, specializing in structural, mechanical and piping, related projects for comprehensive customer solutions. Van Carp Engineering being a company with a lean structure strives to remain a low cost producer. We adopt an “Open Book” relationship with our clients to minimise the cost of sale, involving the client in the formulation of our strategies to execute the project within specified time parameters, safely and cost effectively without compromising quality. Van Carp Engineering has brought together multi-skilled personnel with small and large experience to execute work in many industries. Van Carp Engineering is a Project Execution Company specialising in “ON SITE” installation of all our manufactured products. We offer an Innovative approach to the conduct of specialised technology focused projects to establish greenfield and brownfield facilities for converting natural resources into marketable products

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